Monday, April 8, 2013

T - 17 days till retreat! Boy do I need it

Retreat is fast approaching and I am working on something small and cute for the gals at retreat. I hope they like it because I have been stitching my little fingers to the bone.

I need to come up with a good dessert that will go with Taco Salad. Any suggestions?

My Fractal is growing but so far only in the black. Very boring visually but I keep telling myself that it will be wonderful when its done.... oh in a 100 years or so.

This is the beginning of the Sugar and Spice birth announcement. I know Retreat will be a good place to work on this. I may even get it done.

All I want to think about is the Retreat but I have so many things pulling me in all sorts of directions.

     1. I need to figure out a quilt for my brother's high school graduation. I already have some cool black and white fabric to start with. However my father says that my brother tears apart all of his blankets and comforters as he sleeps. Apparently he is VERY restless. I normally just patchwork quilt the back of my quilts and connect the fronts and backs with sewed on buttons. (I am self-taught and only do patchwork.) This, of course, will not hold up to my brother. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I am thinking about old fashioned mattress covering and having it long-armed together. Would this work?

     2. My father asked me to go over his contract with the book publishers and answer several questions he has. I have been putting this off. Stitching is much more enjoyable. I talked to my father last night and I have promised I will do this this week. Ugh!!!!
     3. Cub Scouts!!!!! I think that is enough said but I will elaborate. I have been a leader for a few weeks now. I still feel like I am operating in the dark. I can't believe that I am in Scouts again after all these years. I am going to try to get ahead and plan the meetings more than a day in advance. I hope I am doing an okay job.

    4. HOME.... The list of things I need to do at home is 37 items long but I am never home to do any of it. The major categories are gardening, cleaning, cleaning, and organizing. Now that Mom is home, I need to step up my game.  I worry that in her rush to get things done she will try to do something that is really a two person job and injure herself (again). Plus there are time limits like with the garden. If we don't get the veggies in soon we won't have any food to eat until August. Not to mention that the cats do like clean litter boxes on a regular basis.

     5. Work... my number one distraction away from all the things that need to get done. I spend 20 hours or more a week with "the child"and I am exhausted afterwards.

Sorry about the verbose explanations/complaints. I feel better already.


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