Sunday, October 6, 2013

Abscence makes the heart grow....

I have fallen down on the job of keeping up with this blog. I have lots of photos and I have been stitching like crazy but....

Let's catch up on the stitching first:

1. BusyBee Needlecase: I stitched this little gem for the Spring Retreat. The pattern is from a blog ( I think it turned out pretty good.
2. Village Bakery by Mill Hill: I am stitching the Christmas Village by Mill Hill with my friends at Fancy Works. So far this is the only one I got done. I am behind as usual (a day late and dollar short). [The model is Poonchi the Shih Tzu. Ain't he cute?]
3. Ornament Trio: I stitched two of the ornaments from this magazine piece for an exchange. This is the first time I created any ornaments on my own. I tried a few new things. I used DMC silk expressions (rayon) and did the finishing myself. They are not perfect but I did like them especially the colors.
4. Sugar and Spice Birth Announcement by Brooke's Book Publishing: A good friend of mine had a baby girl back in February. (I posted the beginning of this previously.) I just love this design and can't wait to give it to my friend.
4. Whatever! by Amy Bruecken Designs: This was a chart chosen by the Child. He begged and begged and begged. Now it hangs on his door. Liz Stapleton of Fancy Works did a wonderful job of finishing it (I will have to post a picture of that later).
5. God and Chocolate by the Stitching Bear: I stitched this piece for a friend in scouting who was going through a lot. Things are better now but chocolate is forever. Once again Liz Stapleton of Fancy Works did a magnificent job of finishing my stitching. Its even better looking in person.
6. A Star Graduate by Trail Creek Farm: I stitched this wonderful little doodle for my Baby Brother, Jit. He graduated high school in June and has started college. I can't believe he is 18 now. I haven't finished this piece but it will be a sachet for his underwear draw with lavender from a Michigan farm. Got to keep him smelling good. I'm going to clean it up and make it into a pillow very soon.
7. Outrageous Owls by Glendon Place: I didn't stitch the whole design, but took two of the owls to create a little needlebook for a exchange. It turned out really great.

Well that is all that is done. I am working on two small projects (Wicked Wanda from a magazine and Let's Purr by Ursula Michaels). I hope to be working on a large commissioned piece soon. I'm very excited about it. I hope it comes out exactly as I picture it. But then again they rarely do. That's the joy and frustration of stitching.
Now on to other things that have gone on in the mean time.

1. The Garden: Mom and I went all out in the garden this summer. Below is a picture of the corn when it first started. Bobby loved to hide in the corn on a hot summer day. Eventually the corn and everything else in the garden was taller than mum (which isn't hard to do).

2. The Child and I have been having lots adventures with the Cub Scouts. There were two weekend camping trips, one of which was rained out. It was the first time the Child ever slept in a tent. Then we had Cub Scout day camp. The Child earned 4 belt loops in three days. Now it is the school year and we are both very busily checking things off the scouting list.
3. As busy as I am, I have gotten some knitting in. I completed a hat and a pair of fingerless gloves for one of the boys. When all else fails I work on my very fluffy baby blanket (sorry no picture).
4. As mentioned above, my baby brother graduated from high school and started college. My father asked me to make my baby bro a quilt. His favorite color is black. I just could bring myself to make a black quilt. So the quilt is black and white. I have never had a quilt long armed quilted. It turned out really well. I went to Sheila's Sew Time to get it quilted. They were absolutely brilliant. Here are pics of the progress.

5. Finally some very good news....... Mom bought a new car!
There is probably more I could add but this post is long enough as it is.

Monday, April 8, 2013

T - 17 days till retreat! Boy do I need it

Retreat is fast approaching and I am working on something small and cute for the gals at retreat. I hope they like it because I have been stitching my little fingers to the bone.

I need to come up with a good dessert that will go with Taco Salad. Any suggestions?

My Fractal is growing but so far only in the black. Very boring visually but I keep telling myself that it will be wonderful when its done.... oh in a 100 years or so.

This is the beginning of the Sugar and Spice birth announcement. I know Retreat will be a good place to work on this. I may even get it done.

All I want to think about is the Retreat but I have so many things pulling me in all sorts of directions.

     1. I need to figure out a quilt for my brother's high school graduation. I already have some cool black and white fabric to start with. However my father says that my brother tears apart all of his blankets and comforters as he sleeps. Apparently he is VERY restless. I normally just patchwork quilt the back of my quilts and connect the fronts and backs with sewed on buttons. (I am self-taught and only do patchwork.) This, of course, will not hold up to my brother. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I am thinking about old fashioned mattress covering and having it long-armed together. Would this work?

     2. My father asked me to go over his contract with the book publishers and answer several questions he has. I have been putting this off. Stitching is much more enjoyable. I talked to my father last night and I have promised I will do this this week. Ugh!!!!
     3. Cub Scouts!!!!! I think that is enough said but I will elaborate. I have been a leader for a few weeks now. I still feel like I am operating in the dark. I can't believe that I am in Scouts again after all these years. I am going to try to get ahead and plan the meetings more than a day in advance. I hope I am doing an okay job.

    4. HOME.... The list of things I need to do at home is 37 items long but I am never home to do any of it. The major categories are gardening, cleaning, cleaning, and organizing. Now that Mom is home, I need to step up my game.  I worry that in her rush to get things done she will try to do something that is really a two person job and injure herself (again). Plus there are time limits like with the garden. If we don't get the veggies in soon we won't have any food to eat until August. Not to mention that the cats do like clean litter boxes on a regular basis.

     5. Work... my number one distraction away from all the things that need to get done. I spend 20 hours or more a week with "the child"and I am exhausted afterwards.

Sorry about the verbose explanations/complaints. I feel better already.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two starts, have you heard?

I am still over the moon about my two finishes. Now I get to start some fun new things. Here is the very first stitch of my brother's fractal.
By the end of the first evening of stitching I had this much done.
But I have a long ways to go.

My other new start is Brooke's Book Publishing's Sugar and Spice Birth Announcement.

The Hoosier Stitchers Retreat is 24 days away. Better get to work on my retreat pieces. I can't WAIT to see the girls and laugh and laugh and maybe occasionally stitch. I need to think up some dessert.

And I need to plan (or help plan) my 20th High School Reunion. Oh my too much going on.

Mom retired last Friday. I got us some foster babies to play with. The kittens are not even as big as my hand. They are so cute.

I hope everyone has as much fun as I do.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Finish...

I'm on a roll... I have had another finish all in the same months.

Of course I still need to remember to put away my needle when I'm done. I was so excited that I finished last night I forgot all about the needle. That is until I just poked myself in the arm.

Much Love,

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Finish, a kitten, and a collection for the bedroom

I had a FINISH!!!!! Yeah!
My kitten, Pooh Bear is helping with the modeling. This piece has been added to my JBW collection.

I love these designs SO much that there is a special place in my bedroom for them all to get hung. It has been a good week. I have made some serious progress on another piece.
I anticipate finishing the Brittikitty stocking later this week. Then I will get the joy of picking a new project. I love going back through all my stuff and imagining the next big finish.

Have a great week (even if it did start with snow).

Love in Stitches with Whiskers,

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I am SO so happy. I had a lovely day yesterday (even if I had to work in the evening). I took a bath. I read a book. AND I stitched.

I may even be able to get this piece done by the weekend. As long as I don't have too much help from my furry friends.

In other news, my fractal arrived. I have promised to stitch my incredibly geeky brother (BA in Physics) Fractal #55. It should only take me.... oh.... 5 or 6 years. I am still waiting on the Ink Circles that I mentioned earlier to arrive. I will be stitching it on delft blue with WDW old glory. Should be interesting.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo update

Here is a photo of the piece I finished a while ago. Mom helped me with the finishing. I think she did a good job.

Thank you Mouse for the picture. I'm glad this ornie has a home in your house.