Friday, March 8, 2013

This little LNS went to market...

You gotta love MARKET. The wonderful ladies at Fancy Works (my LNS) went to market and came back with all sorts of goodies. I went post-it note mad.... I want this.... I want that.... I want it ALL!

As some of you know I was stuck at the garage with my car on Wednesday. What was wrong? NOTHING. Who knows why the car completely died the night before. Best guess was that one of the connectors to the battery was a smidchen loose. Oh well, I got some stitching done.

Last night I decided to start an INK CIRCLES. Greta was my inspiration, and Katie M. was her inspiration. Who's next?

Take care everyone.



  1. seeen some designs I want now !!! and way to go love that ink circles .. you doing it in the same colourway ??? love mouse xxxxx

    1. I am stitching this on delft blue with WDW Old Glory. Should be interesting.

  2. look forward to seeing Ink Circles growing x