Thursday, February 21, 2013

Git er dun

Dear Friends and Strangers,

I have been having a great week and half. My cold is gone and I have been stitching, working, and playing.

I finished to fingerless gloves for one of Nate's fellow cub scouts. Nate's den saw the fingerless gloves I knitted for another little boy before Christmas. They each wanted a set for themselves. I have finished the first pair; three more to go.

The piece under the gloves is an exchange piece. That is why you are only seeing the backside. I'm trying to preserve the mystery.

I have made progress on my Mill Hill stitch along. I fear that I am the last one to work on it, but Greta assures me that she just skipped this one. I need to finish the bakery by the end of the month. Then it is the tea house. Next will be the booksellers. The fourth piece is yet to be determined (get a move on Barb).

The world has gained two precious babies. A little baby boy has joined my cousins family. Then a little baby girl has blessed a friend of mine. Yeah babies!!!!

This little lady in the picture has helped me before. She is such a great cat and I enjoy spending time with her whenever her parents are out of town. Watch out for more pictures of her.

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  1. love fingerless gloves to stitch in when it is cold ... and coooo is that my exchange peice hehehe and your wee adopted furbaby is cute ... love mouse xxxxx