Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good start to January

I have had a great start to my January: feeling good and healthy,  had a finish, made progress on a w.i.p. (work in progress), shopping in Brown County, Dad's book is one step closer to being published, and I'm having a travel-free day.

I am really thankful that I am relatively healthy. I have several friends and acquaintances that have the flu or pneumonia. I hope they all get better super fast. I am also grateful that I haven't fallen in all this ice and snow. Two of my clients fell and bruised their elbows. Then my mother jammed her finger while trying to turn a light switch on. It has been crooked for over a week. Finally, she went to a specialist. Now she has to wear a splint for 6-8 weeks. As stitcher it was really hard to see her hand this way. Once again I am grateful it wasn't me. I will definitely have to help out at home more.

No picture of my finish, but trust me it is very wonderful. The piece is for an exchange so..... will post a picture much later. Liz at Fancy Works ( to help me finish. Thanks Liz for all the wonderful work you do.

I've been working on the Britty Kitty Stocking (see picture). I had to sit it down in October and November but picked it back up in December. Also been stitching it a lot while watching the Child slowly eat or do his homework or play soccer.

Mom and I went to Nashville, IN to buy some socks (see picture) I have been talking about for months. But of course we couldn't just get socks. Mom bought me a wonderful knife for my birthday (later this month). I have been wanting a knife to travel in my car with me. My new knife will shatter the window and cut the seat belt in the case of an emergency.

Dad is self-publishing his book, Isan. I approved the cover yesterday. I still have to read the galleys. This book has been in my life for several years. I will be so happy when it is done.

I love my job (see pic) and I enjoy driving around in my car (my personal-space pod). But every once in a while I like being just in one place. It is also more conducive to stitching if I'm not driving.

Good luck everyone and stay positive,


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